Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Inner Circle

So, I went to a little party the other night. Felt like the frumpiest, dumpiest woman there. All the other ladies were mommies of "real" babies. Some wore makeup, some, not a stitch. They all had lovely, long hair. They were all so beautiful to me... over the course of the evening, I allowed myself to feel like the Ugly Betty in the room. I proceeded to spend the next day feeling a bit shitty for myself, fretting over the effects of aging, my weight gain, not running, not being better at my "job." This got me nowhere. I woke up yesterday morning and said "EFF THIS, Justine. Want to feel better? Take better care of yourself. It's up to you."
Took three walks yesterday with the Toodles. Had my nose and ear cartilage re-pierced. (Too old for that? Only in certain circles... in matters like this, only MY inner circle should matter). It was a good start.
Woke up this morning and jogged around the block.
Had a healthy breakfast.
Put on makeup, because I. Just. Like. Makeup.
Put a fun bandana in my fun, short hair... and I'm rocking it.
Painted my toes... with leopard spots.
Opened the windows, and cleaned the house.
Enjoyed the fresh air, and the birds singing.
Feeling like a million bucks again... and feeling like *myself.*
If I had children, this is what I would wish for them:
Be kind to yourselves.
Be kind to others.
Don't judge. Step outside of your little world long enough to appreciate that the differences in others don't have to be scary. 

Travel... and when you do, talk to the locals. Make friends.
Don't neglect your home... it's where you live.
Be proactive. Don't procrastinate. It only makes things worse.
Get your stuff done, but try to reserve a little time to be sure to do something that makes you feel good, every day... no matter how simple.
Put yourself out there. Be real.
Don't focus on what you can't control.
Practice acceptance (it's hard!)
If you are a woman, it's okay if you don't have kids. YOU'RE okay. You're better than okay. You can be fulfilled and awesome, and know real, true, mind-blowing love.... even. if. you. never. adopt. or. give. birth. Honest. Don't let anybody try to convince you otherwise.

Love yourself, so that you can love others.
Don't sweat the small stuff, and pick your battles.

***PS: PEEPS, I'm truly not posting this fishing for "you're gorgeous" comments... although they're nice and everybody loves receiving them. I'm just sharing the "get your shit together for yourself" stuff, because I finally had a mental frying pan over the head moment, that I needed WEEKS ago.

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